I appreciate all your comments!

I’m neither for nor against the subject, but here’s where I’m at after reading all your great comments. After reading financial materials, such as KLM’s, RichMom, BigDad, etc.. you get the feeling that working at a JOB isn’t going to cut it, especially if you have other dreams/goals you want to achieve in life. (and yes, I’ve read RK’s posting on this site). Although he recommends network marketing, I believe he’s stating it for the education. If INA, the education arm of Euifax, promotes education, rather than products, then it would be simply an education?

If not INA, then it would be something else…a course, a class, more books/tapes/videos on “how to do x” so that you can increase your wealth, which can be as high as $15000/year with cash loans till payday, although in my field thats really cheap.

Traditional education can only guage success by test and exams. Business education has to guage it by something, usually sales/profits. How can INA or another organization guage your indiviual success. If you can’t sell a bar of soap, then how do you expect to do in real estate or the stock markets?

And lastly, if not payday and it is traditional biz, then which one? Maybe 30 day loan? I’m willing to work in whatever it takes, but it seems that everyone is telling me don’t do QL and run, but they don’t tell me run to where? Equifax hack: What you need to know!

Again, thanks for all your great comments, its a learning experience I don’t think you can get in school or INA 😉

Wish me luck she wants at least part of it

I didn’t realize how valuable all our ‘voo stuff was until I started pricing some of it for someone who is interested in it. If she takes all she’s mentioned she’d like I would be bringing in over $1,000. (retail price for all of it brand new would be close to $3,000—but we traded or I made all of it and then used it). I’ll be surprised if she takes the first $50 worth though.

But now the work of photographing It and pricing it is done I can easily list what she doesn’t buy for sale on craig’s list or somewhere (I prefer not craig’s list).

We have friends

that routinely go to Vegas and drop over $2,000. It is hard to try and not keep up with them. I have a hard time going to Vegas as well. We went to Tahoe skiing last year and I spent $100 playing video poker and it lasted about 3 hours. I have a Bachelor party in May in Vegas and I will eat and drink my way around Vegas, but limit my gambling. It just doesn’t do much for me.


My husband’s company was voted number 78 in the Fortune 500’s top 100 companies to work for. They put on a wonderful party for us last night. It was held in one of the ballrooms at a Casino. I’ve never really been to one other than a few mins on vacation with friends. I was overwhelmed by the amount of money being dropped in that place! Dale and I split $20 and played the slot machines. It was gone in 30 mins. I was totally unimpressed. Not something I will do again. I could have just handed that money to someone walking by about as quick as it was gone. LOL! I was really overwhelmed by looking around at the money being spent on gambling, rooms, and food. There were little machines you could slide your credit/debit card through and add to your tab and ATM machines all over. That was just for 30 mins that I witnessed it! It’s crazy! Call me sheltered but really I wonder what the pull-down is there on a daily basis. They run 24 hrs a day. It’s sickening. I thought there was a recession? LOL Sad thing is that some people really get hooked on that stuff.

Anyways, needless to say I won’t be having to worry about that. LOL!